Zeeva’s Birthday Adventure? Humble Pie!

celebrating INTI RAYMI  ~ Zhurac Pamba, Ecuador
Zeeva at the Prayer Tree, INTI RAYMI ~ Zhurac Pamba, Ecuador

Happy Birthday to me. Friends—I ask you: If we lived in the same locale—would you take Zeeva out for a cup of birthday coffee? A birthday drink? Would you give me something special?

My big gift to ME is finally getting over myself enough to admit I need help and ASK for it. In February I was robbed. By so-called friends—friends who’d been warmed and welcomed and helped and received so much trust from me and my family circle here… Many hearts were hurt as we slowly realized—there was no mistake. We’d been played. We’d been taken advantage of and robbed. That’s life. It happens. 

I’ve never been much good at asking for help for me.                                    I can and have asked for others–a lot in my life!

But for me? I’m the classic ‘I can do it myself’ kid. Even when I was BLIND—I learned adaptive technology and got OFF my monthly Disability checks in a shorter time than it took the US government to decide a newly brain-injured and BLIND woman needed them!

I’ve always been the one who GIVES help. Even when I was BLIND & on OXYGEN I gave of myself for my community! Yes—busted!         Ego said: ‘I’m the one who HELPS!’  Higher Self says: yes, I admit it, I AM human. I, too, can need help. And that can be OK.

So no birthday cake for me today—some humble pie instead.    Among what the thieves took were my tools—three cameras (a nearly new Nikon SLR, a never-yet-used Go-Pro, a Nikon Cool Pix) and a number of lenses, electronics, hardware and software, accessories that were ready to use for the work I’d spent the better part of a year developing.  They helped themselves to things I needed, some household goods, a variety of clothing and personal items, some replaceable, some irreplaceable. They exist for me now in my memory.  At least  the camera in my iPhone works pretty well—I’m  grateful for that!

La Danza, INTI RAYMI, Zhuracpamba, Ecuador
La Danza, INTI RAYMI, Zhuracpamba, Ecuador

So today I ask: if you can, if you like, I AM really GRATEFUL for every little bit of  help~~ among the presents YOU can give me:

  • Share this post, this blog, my site, my book and my story far and wide. You can do that with just a click or two and it’s FREE!
  • If you think you might buy me a cup of coffee or a birthday drink—won’t you put that amount in my Birthday Donation Bucket? Thank you I’m so grateful! 
  • Buy my book and SHARE the link to it! Give it to your SELF or someone else you love as a gift—I wrote it in response to over 10,000 people contacting me with questions, demanding I SHARE HOW I got my sight back—after 5 years blind and How I Got Well Again—after ALL the Dr’s said I never would! It’s easy to read with an easy-to-follow sensible plan so others Can Get Well Again, Too! I had no money for PR and the theft,  the blow to my health, and the setback in my work that was to help promote the book–I do now need help getting the word out! Won’t you tell your friends how you know me and ask them to share the link to my book too? You never know who you’ll help! Thank you I’m so grateful!
  • true friends said: “You’ve helped so many–now you ASK–some will be able and will be GLAD to help you BACK! Figure out the ways people can help and ASK!” I’m now exploring the best ways to use–this one’s the first!  Please DONATE what you can and (even if you can’t donate anything at this time) would you be so kind as to SHARE THIS LINK to help replace what was stolen TOO? Thank you thank you thank you!

SUBSCRIBE for updates to this site and blog—I’m back in the saddle and following advice of one of my heroes, Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” I AM…  

  •  I humbly ask for your prayers that enough people do respond in good heart that I can to begin to  replace what is gone so I can create what I require to create a good living for myself in a good way that is abundant and sustainable so I can continue a life of service.

And please join me in my prayers of thanks:                                                              I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL: that I am ALIVE… that I can SEE, that I LOVE and AM LOVED, that I SEE BEAUTY…  BEAUTY BEFORE ME… BEAUTY BEHIND ME… BEAUTY ABOVE ME… BEAUTY BENEATH ME… BEAUTY AROUND ME… I WALK IN BEAUTY… I AM GRATEFUL… All my Relations… AHO!

Solstice SUNRISE ORB copy
June 21, 2015 Solstice Sunrise, Zhurac Pamba, Ecuador


Adventures with Zeeva: Wounded? Wisdom from my Friend Laura

“There is always something we can do with pain, illness and injury that makes us not the victim and there is always a way that it can help us to grow and transform, while still holding anything that might have been the cause, accountable. This is what breaks the pattern…” ~~LME

I’ve been wounded and feeling the pain of betrayal by ‘friends.’ I have to put the word friends in quotes–they turned out to be very bad friends, indeed. The kind of ‘friends’ who took advantage, not only of me, but of a number of friends in our circle, a circle who welcomed and warmed them. A circle of good people, who helped them in many ways. The kind of friends you really don’t want to have. What was supposed to be a wonderful adventure, a new beginning,  turned into quite the mis-adventure–one that wounded my heart, my body, and mind. One that compromised my health, and has set me back what I now calculate to be about four THOUSAND dollars’ worth of stolen property to replace. They stole the cameras and electronic equipment I was to use for the work I’d spent more than a year preparing for, as well as clothing and household goods. They also stole several months-worth of  my health that has been even harder to recover from than the material loss: these were ‘friends’ who were privy to the nature of my disabilities–and in truth, the stress they created in order to be ABLE to take such advantage of me took a great toll on my hard-won Wellness. That’s life. It happens.

As a dancer, I was raised to always make it look easy–no matter how much it hurts. And I was hurting pretty hard, at a loss of how to share this part of my adventures, when a post that really spoke to me came through from my friend Laura Eisenhower (yes, she’s one of THOSE Eisenhowers–a direct descendent of that very wise Republican President that even the Democrats LIKED) and a very wise woman in her own right. What synchronicity! With her kind permission, I share her wisdom here with you  (along with the image she shared it with originally):


Art Print by Stephanie Lostimolo

Art Print: Stephanie Lostimolo

“We were born into captivity like a zoo animal that hasn’t really been able to explore its own natural habitat and birthright, it is unfamiliar, yet natural to us.

We have to be willing to follow our hurt and pain into what our core truth is and in doing this we open a portal into our wisdom body, galactic consiousness and our divine healing essence and power. This is where we access epiphanies, miracle healing energy and a more expanded awareness. If we are inspired to take action, this is the greatest healing force we hold for the self and for the collective.

We notice what is wrong in this World and what needs change, through our pain, sensitivities, anxieties and wounds. We hold different pieces of the greater picture, in our microcosm story, that speaks about a larger issue that needs to be addressed and that is preventing humanity from being fully liberated and transformed.

We are born into wounds, duality, afflictions and programmings and very often it is our hurt that wakes us up and guides us home and allows us to find real wisdom. It encourages us to dig deep and understand our soul longing and that we are home sick for something that we need to illuminate. It takes us into a process that helps us to recover our treasures and as we may be challenged by things like addiction or disease or any mental or emotional imbalances, it is just a sign that more of you wants to come out of hiding to be fully expressed.

Symptoms of imbalance in general, are all signs that we are being controlled or limited on a level that does not serve us and that our womb energy and creative power is not operating from our own seeds of higher consciousness or our instructions that is guided by intuition and instinct. When we adopt something else other than our own direct connection with Spirit or our own uniqueness and what we wish to dream into reality, chances are, it is not in rhythm with our body or in resonance with our internal truth and that is when the body produces symptoms on all kinds of levels. Disease is a gift, helping us to heal, but we don’t see it that way and so choose to live with it and just manage it.

There is always something we can do with pain, illness and injury that makes us not the victim and there is always a way that it can help us to grow and transform, while still holding anything that might have been the cause, accountable. This is what breaks the pattern, we must get to the root of it. We must first take a hard look at ourselves and where we hold fears, resistances and insecurities, and instead of waiting for confidence, surrender and let go and let the divine essence and wisdom body show you the way, as it washes away the pain from the wounded ego, which then reveals to us the magical child.

If we let our greatest wound and pain become our purpose and mission to heal and address on a personal, global and humanitarian level, we would transform this World so fast and feel our natural habitat returning to our consciousness, which is our soul essence and divine nature in co-creation with life. It is not only healing for us, it is healing for wherever that wound and affliction exists in the larger World.”

“When we start to appreciate what it offers rather than hide it with artificial solutions, denial or quick fixes, which enable it’s continuance and power over us – we allow the real magic and divine power of creation to flow through us, it becomes us, it is us.”                                                  ~~Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura is a Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. You can follow her on Facebook or visit her website 
for Teachings | Readings | Stargate | Global Projects | Consultations


Heart Love Phoenix


Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the USA. The day we remember all the fallen veterans, who gave their life for some cause our country decided was worth dying for. Though I come from a long line of warriors—I also come from a long line of spiritual leaders. In my heart of hearts—and my deepest soul—I believe in PEACE. This does not mean I do not honor those that have given their lives, believing that they are making their countries and our world a safer place to live.

It’s been more than a month since my last blogpost–sometimes the adventures we have are not as fun–and those are important to share too. But, rather than update you on Adventures with Zeeva, today I want to give honor to those warriors we have lost.

I have lost family and dear friends in the line of fire, fighting for political causes, and I honor their sacrifices and their memories, as I honor all the lives lost to the wars that have been fought.

But today I would like especially to honor those warriors whose lives we have lost to suicide. No, they were not some kind of cowards or weaklings to take their lives. They were brave warriors who came home, believing they would at last have the rest and the peace they’d been fighting for and were then abandoned by the very country whose ideals they believed they were fighting for. By the very politicians and corporations who have benefitted from their sacrifices of leaving families, putting their own lives on hold.

They returned believing that they would receive the assistance and care they’d been promised; but they returned only to be handed bags of pharmaceuticals—most of which have black box warnings on them. You know—those warnings that say “if you feel like killing yourself or someone else, call your Dr immediately.”

22 Veterans a DAY Commit Suicide. The USA has now lost MORE veterans to suicide than soldiers lost in battle in both the Iraq & Afghanistan wars combined.
“We have never medicated our troops to the extent we are doing now…. I don’t believe the current increase in suicides & homicides in the military is a coincidence,” said Bart Billings, a former military psychologist who hosts an annual conference on combat stress.” LATimes April 9, 2012

The USA has now lost more soldiers to suicide since the beginning of our last two wars—in Iraq and Afghanistan—than soldiers lost in combat. This breaks my heart and makes me mad. I AM a peacenik through and through. I grew up going to funerals, burying older friends who had gone overseas to Viet Nam and came home in a box, some gave their lives for a cause they passionately believed in, and others for a war they had no choice but to go fight—the USA had a draft then.

We do not have a draft now. The soldiers who go to fight wars that have made some people very wealthy and devastated countries that do not yet know peace—despite the USA’s assertions of “mission accomplished”—have come home to a Veterans Administration that would rather obscure their incompetence than be brave, step up, and accept accountability.

Every soldier I have ever spoken to about war tells me war is HELL. From my father and his friends who fought in World War 2, to the soldiers who made it home from Viet Nam, to my friends who fought in the FIRST Gulf War,  came home and became ill—only to be accused of malingering (just like the Viet Nam vets exposed to Agent Orange were) until at last Gulf War Syndrome was recognized— yet not at all well-addressed–by the very powers that sent our soldiers to war with promises they’d be properly cared for upon their return, to the veterans I have met of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: I honor your sacrifices. I honor our fallen. Even in light of my conviction that war is not the best way to peace or a safer world—I honor that you chose to be a warrior and I honor the lives that you gave.

And for those many young lives lost to suicide—because the ravages of war wounded your hearts, your minds, your spirits so very deeply that you could no longer bear to live among the living and chose, instead to join your fallen comrades in death,  I honor you, as well. And I will continue to speak out for the real healing and the real treatment that you needed and did not receive, and against using our wounded warriors for the continued profit of the Medical-Chemical-Industrial cartels.

Today Let us THANK Those we Lost with a Pledge

For those among the walking wounded, I will continue to speak out about the danger of antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs, and continue to write about the therapies and the treatments that can help heal your wounded bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. And I hope that those of you still living in hell will find your way back, understanding that we can heal from many things, and live long, productive and happy lives, no matter what horrors we have lived through.

For the fallen and their families and loved ones who miss them: I honor your sacrifices. For those of you who are still living in hell, I thank you for the sacrifices you have made, and send you much love and gratitude. And my hope that when it gets so hard that you are considering taking your own life to ease the pain, that you reach out to the many who will love you, listen, and help you win this war with yourself. It may be the most important war to win of all.


Adventures with Zeeva

Happy Equinox, Eclipse and New Moon! Today–the 20th of March is a very powerful day with lasting effects for many months to come. The New Moon at 5:36 AM EDT, 2:36 AM PDT and the Maximum Eclipse occurs at 2:45 AM PDT, 5:45 AM EDT… The Equinox happens at 3:45 PM PDT, 6:45 PM EDT…  a time of balancing our energies, releasing the old and planting new seeds. BTW–we will not experience a Solar Eclipse and Equinox together again until 2034!

Welcome to Adventures with Zeeva. What makes my adventures so remarkable? For one—I am adventuring in a beautiful paradise that holds so many amazing things to discover and share. For another—I am a brain injury victor. I do intend to remain a victor and order to remain victorious—there are conditions I require. Besides clean air, clean water, organic —chemical free— food, appropriate activity, appropriate rest, and sunshine—don’t forget the sunshine (wait a minute—isn’t that what Hippocrates said we ALL need?) is the ability to be in an environment that my brain and nervous system can take in without becoming overloaded. Truth to tell, we all require that to be well, it’s just that those of us who have been challenged with brain injuries tend to require it a lot more.

I’ve been an artist, a dancer, a seeker and an adventurer all my life—this led me to become an expert in Peak Performance, which included becoming expert in Natural Holistic Wellness. What I learned to better serve my clients ended up saving my own life. I AM a storyteller and I tell that story—and how everyone can learn to practice Wellness as an Art in my book Zeeva the Art of Wellness. It’s on Amazon right now and getting 5-Star reviews! You can get it by clicking the link to the right!

One of the Principles of Wellness I teach is Ecology. Being Ecological with your SELF is crucial. I have decades of Peak Performance consulting behind me, years helping a very diverse pool of clients develop as many diverse personal styles of Auto-Ecology that fit their systems. When my own systems were acutely compromised by Acute Chemical Exposure that all Dr’s said I’d never come back well from, I had to become as acutely aware of my own personal requirements to be Well —as acutely as my systems were compromised.

If I am feeling very clear and strong, I can attend crowd events as long as I have a serious quiet retreat from them nearby. That way I can pace myself & shut out the input when I need to. Otherwise—my brain begins to suck all the oxygen out of other parts of my body that need that oxygen. This results is an unhappy state of un-Wellness, manifesting as ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS, a serious illness with a terrible name… Throughout the rest of the world, CFS is more accurately named Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or ME.’  In my case—I not only feel extreme exhaustion (among other annoying symptoms) but my entire nervous system responds with pain… imagine having the worst toothache you ever had—all over your body—sometimes for weeks or even months. It can be exhausting and debilitating. It’s certainly not conducive to a life of adventure! So really—it behooves me to stay as Well as I possibly can.

If you want to learn a little bit about ME aka in the USA as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—you can watch this video: http://youtu.be/Riybtt6SChU It’s Stanford University’s Dr. Jose Montoya with a 1 hr 13 minute presentation that might shock you. Or check out chronicfatigue.stanford.edu to learn a little more about something Stanford says is ‘misunderstood and misperceived’—despite the fact that ‘millions of people’s health has been compromised by this disease.’ The Stanford gurus say: ‘what we tell you today may not be true tomorrow–but hopefully it’s better than what we could tell you yesterday.’ They point out that ‘the most under-recognized symptom is the cognitive impairment’ but it extends to sleep problems, pains in joints and muscles, fatigue and brain fog, and many patients give neurological symptoms that are hard to put into any category. Many are diagnosed with (and treated for) depression—but it’s important to know: ‘it’s not that depression causes CFS syndrome–the fatigue is not alleviated by resting–they have lost their lives & they want them back.’ That statement is truer than true!

I lost a lot of life while fighting my way back from Acute Toxic Chemical Exposure and all of the environmental illnesses and disabilities—including 5+ years of BLINDNESS that caused. NOW—I AM taking my life back. And I invite you to join me as I share my Adventures with you. I invite you to join me virtually—in Ecuador—where I have found clean air, clean water, organic —chemical & GMO-free— food, what the people here call La Vida Pura (the Pure Life) and there’s plenty of sunshine & appropriate activities for exercise

I’ve been many places in the last month and have so MUCH to share! I am staying with friends and only have internet cafes every few days. In the next two weeks, I will have full-time internet and then will be blogging regularly! Be sure to sign up for updates (on the upper right of this page) so you know when I have something new and FUN up! Meanwhile–I posted the TEXT of this in my January blog… but was unable to get it recorded til last month and only posted NOW!

Please be sure to comment and let me know what you’d like to know about first: organic farming in Ecuador?

Quinoa Farmer


Horse jumping and beautiful equine therapy for disabled kids done by the  POLICE here in Cuenca, Ecuador?


Or maybe you’d like to hear about the GODDESS who greeted me the very first day I returned?

La Diossa y Zeeva

Do you want to know about the ritual dances I took part in on a ceremonial grounds that is thousands of years old?

This IS an interactive work in progress… So you tell ME what you want to hear about FIRST!

Meanwhile… here’s the audio version of my first blog of the year!


Please DO tell me if you’d like more audio blogs!  I’ll do my best to satisfy!

Until next time, BE HAPPY, BE WELL, BE LOVE, BE LIGHT…

LOVE Zeeva

Making it HAPPEN! Stay in TOUCH with Zeeva!

My dear Friends: at LAST I will be traveling back to Ecuador soon! You may have noticed there’s a new ‘Subscribe for Updates’ box to the right of this Blog and each Page of my site! Please Subscribe for Updates so you know when I have new posts, new content, new video’s and audio’s! This site really IS a work in progress as at last I AM TAKING BACK a LIFE that’s been SO interrupted by disaster, disability, tending the last years and death of my remaining parent, the loss of my home (like so many USAmericans have experienced since the crash of 2008) and becoming re-exposed to neurotoxins–this time in a manner more like MOST people are experiencing Toxic Chemical Exposure in the USA today. Thank goodness I knew HOW to Get Well Again–AGAIN!

I’m very excited to share with you–that even though I AM–as usual–a Do-It-Yourself project and have only been able to publicize and promote my book via social media–the word is getting out and I AM getting 5-STAR REVIEWS! Please get the book–and share the link! I wrote it to answer the many questions people send me all the time so I don’t have to keep talking about my past and the worst part of my life to answer the many questions on HOW I got Well so that other people can too for the rest of my life! I’d much rather share what I AM making the BEST part of my life–my NOW with you!

And my NOW is about to get pretty exciting and FUN!


You know–I choose to be happy every day–just the fact that I wake up and can SEE is reason enough to be happy! Yet coming back from 5+ years of blindness and illness–only to jump into the last years of my mother’s life, traveling to take her through chemo after chemo was not fun. Having the ‘it’s- a-done-deal-you-qualify’ re-fi (that was going to pay for re-habbing the home I’d bought to move my mother cross-country to so I didn’t have to fly 3,000 miles to tend her) fall through 2 weeks before I was due to get the money to HIRE people to do it was not fun either. Cashing in everything I had to pay for materials and doing hard labor on a big house myself was not so much fun and then LOSING the house despite all my work and efforts to keep it–and getting cheated (at the last minute) out of the re-location money I was told I qualified for–for ‘not returning a required form’ because the same bank that was running the show neglected to provide me with that form was not fun. And moving into an apartment I did not know was infested with toxic black mold and getting sick was REALLY not fun.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not out of the woods yet! But I’m at a point of my life where I’ve caught up enough and found ways to LIVE where the FUN’S about to get real!  It will be quite a while before I even see ANY money from book sales. And though I am building this site so I can start earning money online doing what I’m good at doing, that will take a little bit of time too. Yet I’ve found a business that I believe is a wonderful opportunity and I can start from scratch and I’ll be sharing THAT with you too!

Join me as I rebuild my Life Interrupted! Until I find a real home where I can set up an art studio–my creative life will be here ON-LINE–taking pictures and making audio’s and video’s  to share with you WHAT an artist who was BLIND for more than 5 years SEES in our beautiful world! And I’ll share what I do and how I STAY Well by practicing what I preach–by LIVING Zeeva’s ART of Wellness–Body-Mind-and-SPIRIT!

NOW–I’m off to set-up my Soundcloud so I’ll be able to post audio’s where instead of writing–I can TALK to you! But I’ll leave you with something I do every day to keep my Spirit in balance! This is one of my favorite mantras! Til next time–and remember PLEASE–follow me on Facebook (links to the right) share me with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES! And PLEASE make a comment or two so I know you’ve been here and tell me the kind of things you’d like for me to SHARE in the future! Because I’m CREATING the Future NOW! I AM so very grateful for all your support, I wish you ALL so WELL and I’m sending each and every one of you so much LOVE and Light!  Onwards and Upwards! To LIFE! Love ~~  Zeeva

Lakshmi – Om Shreem Maha-Lakshmi-yei Namaha 108 recitations
Music by Deva Premal from Mantras for Precarious Times

the Art of Wellness & Living Life Well… an Interactive Work-in-Progress